Protect your customers <br/> from phishing attacks and <br/> protect your brand.
Protect your customers <br/> from phishing attacks and <br/> protect your brand.


Protect your customers
from phishing attacks and
protect your brand.


Phishing continues to be the most prevalent cyber threat

Nearly 9 out of every 10 organizations experience phishing attacks on a regular basis.

70% of breaches associated with a nation-state or state-affiliated actors involved phishing.

90% of cyber incidences and breaches included a phishing element.

Brand impersonation is a common tactic, encouraging customers to visit fake banking, eCommerce and eGovernment websites.

Increasingly sophisticated “real-time” phish are now also being used to circumvent 2-factor authentication, reducing or eliminating much of its effectiveness.

Consequences to you and your customers are significant

Loss of data

Compromised accounts and credentials

Encrypted computers / ransomware

Malware infections

Financial losses

Damaged reputations

Customer defections

What we provide

anti-phishing solution: PhishDB

It is fast and easy to deploy.

It is automated – nothing is required from you.

It is effective from Day 1 and its effectiveness continues to improve over time.

It is end-to-end: from detection to take-down.

Additional protection to customers through integration with Google Safe Browsing (https://safebrowsing.google.com/).

And more...

Our Threat Intelligence Portal provides access to all data related to phishing against your brands

We provide historical and current metrics concerning all aspects of the phishing lifecycle

Integration allows ingestion and tracking of customer-specified URLs

We have a comprehensive API to allow for integration with customers’ tools and processes


Our Threat Intelligence Portal

Your single pane of glass. Through our TIP, you can …

Access our incident management module, which includes full audit trails on alerts and incidents

Communicate with our team through a simple and effective ticketing system

Manage your GDPR obligations in case of incidents

Facilitate law enforcement notifications when needed

Read our constantly updated security advisories (Platinum Alert Service)

Consult our strategic assessments of threat actor and threat landscape trends (Threat Matrix)


Faster Takedowns

Continuous lifecycle monitoring combined with our automated takedown engine identifies malicious phishing pages quickly, resulting in faster takedown requests. This approach is aimed at reducing overall phishing site lifespan to mitigate losses, saving you time and money.

24/7 Automated Protection

A fully automated approach ensures that active phishing pages never sit around waiting for manual human review. Our system operates around the clock to identify malicious phishing pages and sends takedown requests day and night.

Full Redirection Tree Tracking

The platform performs full redirection tree tracking to monitor individual redirection sources and targets of every individual page within a campaign, allowing us to provide you with a top-down campaign view, including all sub-pages and redirectors related to a specific phishing incident

Holistic Visibility

Our Threat Intelligence Portal provides a clear overview of all relevant phishing statistics, campaigns, and active URLs to give you the entire picture of the current and historical phishing threat level affecting your brands.


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