Effective ransomware mitigation starts with a proactive approach.


Effective ransomware mitigation starts with a proactive approach.


Protect your infrastructure from cyber criminals



Cyber crime is global. Criminal infrastructure is global. All too often, businesses are exposed to malicious networks without even realising it.  

Malicious network traffic to and from an organisation’s infrastructure can affect your business negatively in several ways, including loss of data, productivity and revenue.

Effective mitigation starts with a proactive approach to cyber security.

Vulnerabilities causing ransomware infections

Phishing/spam remains a major initial infection vector leading to ransomware but is far from the only one. As such, no single solution can be expected to defend your network. If you are looking for ways to improve your multi-layered protection, you need the CSIS Cyber Defence Feed.

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What we provide

Take a proactive approach



Our Cyber Defence Feed protects organisations’ infrastructure against harmful connections to malicious domains and IP addresses which are under the control of cyber criminals.

Risk indicators are accompanied with a confidence score ranging from 50 to 100. This allows you to customise the implementation of the feed in a way that is aligned to your risk profile. 

These confidence scores are calculated by an algorithm that leverages our latest world-class Threat Intelligence in real-time. 

Domains and IP addresses for which malicious behaviour is no longer detected are automatically removed from the feed and customer’s security specialists can therefore implement an agile response against potential cyber threats.

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Choose the package which suits your organisation


The feed can be obtained either as a ‘push’ via native integrations to selected vendors or as a ‘pull’ via a CSV file.

Essential: Consists of domains and IP addresses dedicated to malicious activities with a confidence score of 100 (maximum confidence).

Advanced: Includes an extended data set consisting of domains and IP addresses, with a confidence score
ranging from 50 to 99.


CTI improves your cyber resilience



  • Significantly raise your security level with minimal impact on your existing IT setup
  • Prevent lost revenue, lost intellectual property, and lost productivity
  • Protect your most vulnerable infrastructure
  • Automatically and constantly leverage our latest threat intelligence
  • Highly cost effective

Exceptional Use Cases

Block malicious web content

The Internet is becoming an increasingly bigger security threat, with more than 22% of all new domains created for illegal purposes. Your employees’ day-to-day use of the Internet presents a challenge because it is impossible for ordinary users to tell which sites are safe. For example, malicious code is often found in banners on entirely legitimate websites.

Prevent data leakage

Our Cyber Defence Feed will not only help prevent internet-based exploits and malware downloads, it can also mitigate communication from existing malware intrusions and prevent them from leaking data. This can be accomplished by implementing the corresponding rules in the on-premise security solution.

Detect advanced malware

In addition to preventing data leakage, our Cyber Defence Feed can help detect advanced malware that managed to infect network devices by circumvention of locally deployed security products. This happens because the feed data does not rely on signatures or behavior but reveals the infrastructure that the malware attempts to communicate with.


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