We alert you of relevant <br/> risks and threats external <br/>to your organization.
We alert you of relevant <br/> risks and threats external <br/>to your organization.


We alert you of relevant
risks and threats external
to your organization.


A complex threat landscape requires an intelligence-driven response



The cyber threat landscape has changed significantly in recent years approaching a high degree of professionalization and cyber-crime market maturity. This has also led to an increased complexity in terms of the organization and interactions internally and between cyber-criminal groups like what we know from the way legitimate organizations work.

Access to information that is based on intelligence and continuous research into threat actor groups, their activity and infrastructures prepares the organization to withstand and comprehend a greater proportion of critical risks and threats, thereby significantly improving resilience.

CTI can help understand and prioritize mitigation efforts.

What we provide

A leading alerting and advisory service



Keep up to date with the rapidly changing cyber threat landscape with our subscription-based threat intelligence alert service.

Northern Europe’s foremost cyber security Research & Intelligence team provides subscribers with critical updates on current cyber security threats, such as malware, software vulnerabilities, as well as both global and regional threats.

Get detailed explanations of how exploits have been constructed, which phishing sites to watch out for, current spam campaigns, software update vulnerabilities, and much, much more.


Our Threat Intelligence Portal

Your single pane of glass. PAS is delivered straight to your inbox.

Additionally, through our TIP you can …

  • Read your PAS content
  • Review all alerts related to your monitors and other CTI services
  • Communicate with our team through a simple and effective ticketing system
  • Manage your GDPR obligations in case of incidents
  • Facilitate law enforcement notifications when needed
  • Consult our strategic assessment of threat trends (Threat Matrix)


CTI improves your cyber



Join 200+ organizations that benefit from this service and strengthen your threat intelligence with updates delivered straight to your inbox.

Get frequent insights that are detailed, actionable and generated by a leading team of cybersecurity researchers.

Though it can be a stand-alone subscription, PAS is included as a value-add when you engage many of our other services, including:


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