World-class threat data <br/> to improve your resilience.


World-class threat data
to improve your resilience.


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As a CTI professional, you know that information about cyber security threats that are external to your organization is critical.

The threat of malware attacks is basically an arms race between the security industry and the threat actors responsible for cyber-crime, where the latter are constantly looking for ways to circumvent existing defenses. Having access to indicators of compromise from the latest malware campaigns is an important tool in the efforts to mitigate this threat.

What we provide

Tactical and operational CTI

Tactical Intelligence

Intelligence that has an immediate or short-term impact in threat mitigation such as malicious IP-addresses, domains, or file hashes. These indicators of compromise can be used directly to monitor in real-time for suspicious network traffic or file activity on hosts.

Operational intelligence

The focus is on techniques, tactics, and procedures (TTP) used by threat actors including the specific toolset involved and threat actor objectives and motivation. This is useful in understanding how to build a more secure infrastructure e.g., involving network segmentation and identifying critical assets as well as quickly containing a breach or investigating and documenting a security incident.

Use Cases. Addressing mission-critical needs.

Detection and incident prevention

To detect network traffic attempting to reach a domain or IP-address identified via the feed and either automatically block communication or alert security personnel to closely monitor any associated activity.

Investigation, containment, and postmortem (incident response)

Incidents can and do happen. If threat actors successfully compromise your network, CSIS feeds are quickly updated and can help in the subsequent incident response investigation.

Research and data enrichment

In large or specialized organizations with in-house security research capabilities, our feeds are valuable to complement ongoing investigations of a particular malicious campaign or threat actor activity as well as enrich data collected elsewhere to get a more complete picture of the scale, purpose, and severity.

Early Warning

Warning of changes in the target list of malware configuration files suggesting imminent attacks, data leakage related to a supply chain partner because of a ransomware attack or information about a threat actor.


Our Threat Intelligence Portal

Your single pane of glass.

All our feeds can be consumed directly via an API. We also support multiple 3rd party integrations. For the latest details, please consult our brochure.

Through our TIP you can …

  • Review all alerts related to your feeds
  • Communicate with our team through a simple and effective ticketing system
  • Manage your GDPR obligations in case of incidents
  • Facilitate law enforcement notifications when needed
  • Read our constantly updated security advisories (Platinum Alert Service)
  • Consult our strategic assessment of threat trends (Threat Matrix)
  • Review all alerts related to your feeds
  • Communicate with our team through a simple and effective ticketing system



CTI improves your cyber resilience

Improved cyber security resilience

Reduce direct financial losses, downtime, reputational damage and minimize the risk of data compromise resulting from security incidents.

Realtime alerting

You will immediately be notified of infections in the network, with information about malware type and what type of information has been targeted. That will allow you rapidly clean infections, change passwords for infected users, and limit the abuse of potential stolen data.

Heightened awareness

Being aware of leakage information allows you to take immediate action in preventing misuse of leaked user information, and to implement safeguards preventing future leaks.

Detailed insight

We provide you with the detailed information needed to take immediate measures in ensuring continuity and protection of your customers and your brand.



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