We alert you of relevant <br/> risks and threats external <br/> to your organization.
We alert you of relevant <br/> risks and threats external <br/> to your organization.

Threat Monitors

We alert you of relevant
risks and threats external
to your organization.


Organizations need
CTI to be resilient



Most organizations experience an expanded attack surface as more devices, communication, data storage and service delivery rely on Internet connectivity.

The expanded attack surface makes many organizations more exposed and vulnerable to both automated and targeted attacks.

Limited internal resources enhance this challenge, but it can become more manageable by leveraging threat monitors that build on quality cyber threat intelligence.

What we provide

Threat Monitors delivering unique data

HoneyNet Monitor

We monitor a vast number of malicious servers and domains all over the world and analyze sinkholes for any communication from your public IP ranges. The monitor is configured to instantly warn you about malicious traffic originating from your network. Warnings contain positive evidence of infections or data leakage and contain relevant metadata available through a secure web interface.

Drop Data Monitor

We continuously track threat actor activity by investigating command and control servers, phishing kits/panels and identified leak and drop sites. When possible CSIS will retrieve any compromised data harvested from the victims of the malicious activity. This information is then matched against the unique search strings belonging to CSIS’ customers and released via our Threat Intelligence Portal in case of a match, including:

  • Login credentials
  • Payment card information
  • Data related to customers

Money Mule Monitor

Of particular interest to Financial Services and eCommerce companies, as well as Law Enforcement, our take-down activities also deliver actionable data on money mules, which have become a common element in cybercriminal’s modus operandi.

Trojan Monitor

Trojan malware often uses target lists for stealing user credentials or manipulating targeted websites. We monitor Trojan target lists and config files for your URLs and brands, and if you are targeted (or if a specific Trojan threat arises in your region), you will be the first to know.


Our Threat Intelligence Portal

Your single pane of glass.

Some of our Threat Monitors can be delivered via an API. Please consult our latest documentation for details. 

Through our TIP you can …

  • Review all alerts related to your monitors
  • Communicate with our team through a simple and effective ticketing system
  • Manage your GDPR obligations in case of incidents
  • Facilitate law enforcement notifications when needed
  • Read our constantly updated security advisories (Threat Insights)
  • Consult our strategic assessment of threat trends (Threat Matrix)


Benefits. CTI improves your cyber resilience.

Improved cyber security resilience

Reduce direct financial losses, downtime, reputational damage and minimize the risk of data compromise resulting from security incidents.

Realtime alerting

You will immediately be notified of infections in the network, with information about malware type and what type of information has been targeted. That will allow you rapidly clean infections, change passwords for infected users, and limit the abuse of potential stolen data.

Heightened awareness

Being aware of leakage information allows you to take immediate action in preventing misuse of leaked user information, and to implement safeguards preventing future leaks.

Detailed insight

We provide you with the detailed information needed to take immediate measures in ensuring continuity and protection of your customers and your brand.


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